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The CROWN Act & Dove

Anxiety can be debilitating. And sweaty pits and worrying about the “professionalism” of your hair doesn’t help.

For those of you who know, you KNOW.

During my high school years, my social anxiety reached its peak. What to wear and how to do my hair was a daily struggle, as I associated both with social status and acceptance.

At the same time, I struggled with super sweaty armpits as well as ingrown hairs from shaving. Of course, those problems led to more anxiety and the sweaty cycle of my insecurities. I must have tried every “clinical strength” antiperspirant on the market. Nothing seemed to help.

Then, I found Dove’s moisturizing deodorants.

With Dove, my ingrown hairs and sweatiness decreased, and my confidence received a boost.

By the time I was in college, the dark spots and irritated skin under my arms were gone!

Full disclosure: Dove doesn’t know I’m posting this nor are they sponsoring me.

In fact, I’m posting this purely as a satisfied customer and proponent of their work, especially their fight against race-based discrimination.

In 2019, they co-founded of the CROWN Coalition and worked with a California senator to develop a solution to hair-based discrimination in the workplace via “Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair Act, or the CROWN Act, a bill that prohibits discrimination based on hair texture and protective styles commonly associated with race” (which Governor Whitmer signed into Michigan law this past June).

And Dove hasn’t stopped there!

Today, I’m proud of my pits. And I’m proud to support a beauty company that supports people like me. I hope you’ll support them as well!

To find out more about the CROWN Act and the drive for change, visit the links above or go to Dove’s #PassTheCROWNAct site and follow @Dove.

As always, thanks for listening!

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