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My Healthy Natural Hair Journey & What’s Next (of Us)

“For Black women, our hair journey is connected to our self journey.”

- Tracee Ellis Ross, The Hair Tales

One of the most disheartening sights is a hand (or drain) full of hair. In my journey back to my natural hair (after over 20 years of using relaxers), I’ve had several of these heart-sinking moments. Detangling Black natural hair, after ditching chemical relaxers (that have been linked to life-threatening health issues, including cancers), is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Yesterday, however, I faced the dreaded task. I decided to just do it. And I knew what to expect: hair breakage, hand cramping, and upper body building. I’d put it off for too long.

Instead of hopping in the shower for my usual hair routine, I stood at my bathroom sink and grabbed my new purple Hula Home spray bottle and a bottle of Next of Us (NOU) detangler. I took a deep breath and prepared myself.

I wasn’t prepared, however, to be shocked!

A few days prior, I'd applied NOU’s High Porosity Leave-In Conditioner and almost immediately (within 24 hours) noticed that my hair felt silkier and softer and wasn’t getting as tangled at the roots. Not to mention, my hair smells N.O.U. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. (I’ve received so many compliments)!

Still, I was prepared to put up a fight in taming my mane. I was prepared for “arm day.” Yes, “arm day”: on not one but two occasions, a masseuse even joked that I “could beat [her] in an arm wrestle!” She even asked if I lifted or chopped wood every day. I did not. And I don’t.

Thankfully, after my recent Black hair care product experimentation, I may not be able to take her anymore without lifting weights (apart from my 12-pound fur baby)!

But no complaining here!

As a Black transracial adoptee raised in predominantly white communities, I’m just now experimenting with my natural hair on my own. I’m just now learning about new-to-me products and processes for managing my unprocessed/partially-processed hair. And I’m just now learning what hair care solutions meet my hair needs.

And thank G.O.D. for N.O.U.!

After applying NOU’s No-Damage Detangler to my damp and sectioned hair, I picked up my new purple Natural Girl adjustable detangle brush (that I bought for $3.99 at Burlington). I’d been so nervous to try the new brush that I left it sitting in my bathroom (unopened) for weeks.

Starting at my ends, I prayed. I was anxious, and I was skeptical.

Then, I was shocked!

Who knew that three inexpensive products (a leave-in conditioner, a leave-in detangler, and an adjustable detangle brush, mixed with a little bit of H2O) would cut my detangle time (and shedding) in half?

Yes, in half!

I stood at my bathroom mirror in awe. I thought, “maybe, there is hope for my new hair routine!”

Claiming my newfound victory, I decided to take the “W!”: I decided to leave the products in overnight. I decided to postpone “wash day,” to allow my half-natural-half-processed hair to soak up the moisture it obviously needed (while I slept on my new-ish silk pillowcases that I also got from Burlington for $7.99).

So what happens next?

Well, my hair has obviously spoken: Us. Next of us, that is. I’m sold! And I can’t wait to try more of their products!

They’re next of us, and they’re what’s next for me!

I hope my sharing this can help at least one other person on their natural hair journey! Ain’t nobody got time for gatekeeping hair-saving information!

Wishing you all the best!

Sincerely and authentically,


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